Dating with dog owners


Dating with dog owner by
Dating with dog owner by

Dating with dog owners

I hate dating dog owners. I love animals, but getting close to a woman
with a dog seems impossible. Hearme out: The animal always comes first.
Where andfor how long we go on a date depends on when her pet needs to be wallced, played with or fed. She can’t sleep at my place because she has to “take care of the dog.” I’ve recently been hooking up with a woman I really like, and she S hinted at getting serious. I would … but she has a dog. Do I tell her the truth and risk sounding likeanassholebydemandingtobenumberoneinherlife?-C.D.,KeyWest,Florida



Youtube Videos Ranking Method 2018 – 100% Working Method


Youtube Videos Ranking Method 2018 – 100% Working Method

Youtube is most popular Video sharing media, so you share your and rank your videos following this method. This is 100% Working Method for Youtube Videos Ranking in 2018.

1. Create video in 16:9 ratio, 720P (1280×720)pixel
2. Video file name will be main keyword
3. In video file details (Right click on video file and click details):
a. Title will be video file name
b. Subtitle will be related with keywords
c. Give some related tags
d. Write related comment
4. Default video upload setting:
a. Set as unlisted
b. Set category
c. Set Language and so
5. Video title goes with main keyword
6. In the video description:
a. Description will be minimum 300-500 words for Google Ranking
b. First line of description will be video title like a general sentence end with full stop(.)
c. Use keywords in video description
d. Video link will be inserted in this description
e. Give social media links, like facebook page, group and twitter link “Follow us: Google+ | Facebook”
f. Write: “Subscribe to our channel”
g. Give related keywords or search terms as much as possible
7. Tags will be related with keywords and first one will be main keyword/video related popular channel name. Give tags as much as possible.
8. Create a 1280×720 pixel thumbnail and name it with main keyword. Thumbnail file details will be like below (Right click on video file and click details):
a. Title will be thumbnail name
b. Subtitle will be related with keyword
c. Give some related tags
d. Write related comment
9. If all is done, publish and monetize it.
10. Do off page SEO within 24 Hrs.
11. Backlink:
a. FB-10, TW-10, YT Comments-10, and others social sites recommended by YouTube-1.
b. Embed your video on any site.
12. Make minimum 10 instant views within 24hrs anyhow but do not yourself.




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The Rock share his Newborn Daughter picture Tiana Gia


the rock daughter picture tiana gia
the rock daughter tiana gia picture

The Rock share his Newborn Daughter picture Tiana Gia

“The Rock” or you can say Dwayne Johnson popular WWE and Movies supper star share his Newborn Daughter picture and her name is Tiana Gia. Both are looking very sweet. Dwayne Johnson posted a picture of him holding newly-born Tiana Gia Johnson picture on Instagram. 


Free Web 2.0 Sites 2018 for free Backlinks

Free Web 2.0 Sites 2018 for free Backlinks

These are the best blog submitting sites for those who believe in building good backlinks and drawing traffic to their websites.

S.No. Web 2.0 Sites Domain Authority Trust Flow
1. 85 50
2. 66 47
3. 89 26
4. 70 17
5. 43 32
6. 90 68
7. 90 42
8. 74 22
9. 100 100
10. 67 54
11. 92 57
12. 67 43
13. 57 36
14. 82 37
15. 64 20
16. 57 22
17. 54 14
18. 49 30
19. 79 38
20. 79 32
21. 93 80
22. 55 14
23. 71 56
24. 92 80
25. 82 51
26. 49 35
27. 71 23
28. 61 24
29. 65 21
30. 67 52
31. 51 19
32. 77 19

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Top Muslim Football Players in European Football clubs

Muslim soccer Players in European Clubs

Top Muslim Football Players in European Football clubs, they are very famous in European football league and all of them play football in his national football team.

1. Ibrahim Afellay 

Ibrahim Afellay pictures by
Ibrahim Afellay pictures by

Full name               : Ibrahim Afellay
Place of Birth          : Utrecht, Netherlands
Date of Birth           : 2 April 1986
Nationality              : Netherlands (Origin: Morocco)

Position                 : Attacking midfielder or winger

Playing at the club  : Barcelona -> Schalke 04 (loan)
Has Played for        : The Dutch national youth team

2. Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah Pictures by
Mohamed Salah Pictures by

Full name : Mohamed Salah
Place of Birth : Basion, Egypt
Date of Birth : 15 June 1992
Nationality : Egyptian
Position : Winger/Striker/forward
Playing at the club :Liverpool
Has Played for : Egypt National Team

3. Mesut Özil

Mesut Ozil pictures by
Mesut Ozil pictures by

Full name                    : Mesut Özil  
Place of Birth               : Gelsenkirchen, West Germany
Date of Birth                : 15 October 1988
Nationality                   : Germany (Origin : turkish)
Position                       : Attacking midfielder
Playing at the club       :  Arsenal
Has Played for             : German national team

4. Éric Abidal

Eric Abidal pictures by
Eric Abidal pictures by

Full Name               Eric Sylvain Bilal Abidal
Place of Birth          LyonFrance
Date of Birth           11 September 1979
Nationality              French
Position                  Defender
Playing at the Club  : Barcelona

Has played for         : The French national team

5. Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema pictures by
Karim Benzema pictures by

Full name              : Karim Benzema  
Place of Birth         : Lyon, French

Date of Birth          : 19 December 1987

Nationality             : France (original: Aljazair)
Position                 : Striker
Playing at the club  : Real Madrid
Has Played for        : French national team

6. Sami Khedira

Sami Khedira pictures by
Sami Khedira pictures by
Full name             : Sami Khedira

Place of Birth        : Stuttgart, West Germany
Date of Birth         : 4 April 1987
Nationality            : Germany (Origin : Tunisia)
Position                : Midfielder
Playing at the club :Real Madrid
Has Played for       : German national team

7. Lassana Diarra

Lassana Diarra pictures by
Lassana Diarra pictures by

Full name             : Lassana Diarra
Place of Birth        : Paris
Date of Birth          : 10 March 1985 
Nationality            : French
Position                : Right back
Playing at the club : Real Madrid
Has Played for       : French national team 

8. Edin Džeko

Edin zeko pictures by
Edin zeko pictures by

Full name             : Edin Džeko
Place of Birth        : Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
Date of Birth          :17 March 1986
Nationality            : Bosnian
Position                : Striker/Winger
Playing at the club : Manchester City
Has Played for       : Bosnia-Herzegovina national team

9. Nicolas Anelka

Nicolas Anelka pictures by
Nicolas Anelka pictures by

Full name             : Nicolas Sébastien Anelka
Place of Birth        : France
Date of Birth          :14 March 1979
Nationality            : French
Position                : Striker
Playing at the club : Chelsea,  Shanghai Shenhua since 01 -01-12 
Has Played for       : French national team

10. Armand Traore

Armand Traoré pictures by
Armand Traoré pictures by

Full name             : Armand Mohamed Traoré
Place of Birth        : Paris, France
Date of Birth         : 8 October 1989
Nationality            : Frence (Origin: Sinegalese)
Position                : Left back
Playing at the club : Arsenal > QPR 
Has Played for       : France U21 levels &  Senegal national football team.



11 billion worth Salah’s goal Now

11 billion worth Salah’s goal Now

Mohamed Salah by fly.comgossip
                                     Mohamed Salah by fly gossip

Awesome form, Mohammad Salah At the beginning of the week Liverpool forward scored four goals against Watford alone. If this form goes on, it will be in danger Vodafone Egypt. Salah’s goal is 100 million pounds of mobile service provider this company!

In the Premier League, Salah scored 28 goals in 30 games. In all competitions, 36 goals scored by this Egyptian In the league, he still has 8 matches, and can also play at least two matches in the Champions League. The type of game of Liverpool, in which Salah’s goal has been shaped regularly in a scene. So before the end of the season, Salah will not score anymore, no one will be able to catch the baggage.

Vodafone knows well Egypt knows it well. Not only did they make Salah a brand ambassador. Vodafone has created a new ad for Salah Accordingly, Vodafone customers can speak for 11 minutes for Salah’s goal! Speaking per minute in Egypt costs an average of 25 cents. The organization has 430 million customers in the country. That means Salah goals will cost more than 100 million pounds of free talk time Vodafone More than 1100 crores of Bangladeshi value.

Salahar’s form will more beautiful, and all the customers of Vodafone will be sitting in the hope that Liverpool will win the game and salah give more goals.


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Rich grumpy cat wins in a copyright case

Grumpy Cat appears By

Grumpy Cat appears By

Rich grumpy cat wins in a copyright case

Due to the serious appearance, many people had a different identity in the United States of Arizona resident Tabathe Bundesen’s pet cat. In 2012, after a serious and angry picture of the cat spread through social media, it was recognized by the ‘tempered cat’. Cats get great popularity online.

Currently, there are 14.20 lakh followers on Twitter, 24 lakh followers of Instagram and 90 million likes on Facebook. Because of that popularity, many companies have been offered an advertisement model. Finally, Grenade Bayreaves LLC contracted with. But Grenade Beverage Company used to advertise some pictures of the cat outside of the contract, its owner

Rich Cat in the world
Rich Cat in the world by

Cuts owner Bundesen goes to the court on the matter The cottage won $ 7,71,000 in compensation for a copyrighted copy of the use of pictures without permission and without permission. But after getting so much compensation in the case against such a large organization, the smiling face does not smell the cat. No comments found.