World first albinism model in the world

Albinism Model Connie Chiu
Albinism Model Connie Chiu

World first albinism model in the world

Connie Chiu is a Model and Singer and she is a most popular first albino model.Connie Chiu is the world’s first fashion model with albinism. Chiu was born in 1969 in British Hong Kong to a Chinese family and she is the only one in her family who born with albinism. Like most peoples with albinism, Connie Chiu has to protect her photosensitive eyes and skin from the sunlight.

As a result, when she was seven, her family moved to Sweden. Connie Chiu was first albinism girl who introduced to modeling when her sister asked her to become a model at one of her final shows.

Connie Chiu starts modeling when her age is 25 years old, she worked fashion photographers such as Heidi Niemala, Terry Richardson, Paul Burley and Morten Smidt. Connie Chiu grew up and studied journalism in Sweden.

Connie Chiu was born in 1969, Hong Kong. Her height is 5 feet 6-inch Personal, Still, she doing modeling all over the world.


Mexico Earthquake killed more than 149 People

Mexico CITY Earthquake by
Mexico CITY Earthquake by

Mexico Earthquake killed more than 149 People

In Mexico, more than 149 people killed as 7.1 magnitude quake destroyed a vast area in the region. The situation in Mexico is becoming more and more difficult as people lose their homes, food and have no shelter. This earthquake is creating shockwaves around Mexico and nearby regions. Many buildings have cracked from top to bottom, causing many to have no choice but to abandon their homes.

The Mexican government and social workers are trying to help the people who are injured as quickly as possible, bringing relief services and food as well. But it is not enough, many need proper shelter and food to survive. Help from around the world will help this situation immensely.




Wojna o planetę małp Online


Cezar i jego małpy uwikłane zostają w zbrojny konflikt z armią ludzi, na czele której stoi bezwzględny Pułkownik. Małpy ponoszą straszliwe straty, podczas gdy Cezar zmaga się z mrocznymi instynktami i wyrusza w drogę, by pomścić swych pobratymców. Gdy Cezar i Pułkownik stają twarzą w twarz, dochodzi do spektakularnej bitwy, w której stawką jest przyszłość obu gatunków i całej naszej planety.

Zapraszamy do obejrzenia filmu Wojna o planetę małp za darmo. Jeśli szukałeś strony na której można obejrzeć za darmo film Wojna o planetę małp online to właściwa strona.

Zapraszamy do obejrzenia filmu Wojna o planetę małp online. Jeżeli masz dosyć portali, na jakich filmy bardzo długo się ładują, zarejestruj się u nas. Wszyscy, którzy cenią sobie dobre kino, z pewnością się nie zawiodą. Scenariusz tego filmu to z pewnością świetny pomysł na niezły film. Nikt nie będzie się nudził, bowiem Wojna o planetę małp jest świetnym filmem. Wojna o planetę małp to rozwiązanie na długi wieczór z dobrym filmem. Usiądźcie więc wygodnie w fotelu, zapraszamy na film.

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Muslims: A Well Kept Secret


Muslims: A Well Kept Secret

​As far as I can remember, September 11, 2001 was the first time I became aware of Muslims. I’m sure I never heard the word Islam before that day. Even in the midst of the attack, I didn’t have any reason to believe that the more than 1 billion Muslims in the world at the turn of the century were out to kill Americans- if so we would have been dead already. In the aftermath of the attack, President Bush spoke about Muslims to a joint session of congress on September 20, 2001- his words should be spoken today: “I also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world. We respect your faith. It’s practiced freely by many millions of Americans and by millions more in countries that America counts as friends. Its teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah, blaspheme the name of Allah. The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying, in effect, to hijack Islam itself. The enemy of America is not our many Muslim friends. It is not our many Arab friends. Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them.”

Shortly after the attack there was the controversy about a mosque to be built near ground zero. Was it good Muslims wanting to build a place of worship, or was it radical Muslims wanting to add salt to the wound? I had no idea what to think. This controversy seemed to be the beginning of blaming all Muslims for the attack.

Issues about Muslims went out of view when we invaded Iraq. There was the Taliban but they just seemed like total extremists and I really didn’t think about them as Muslims- the news was focused on Iraq. This changed when we left Iraq and ISIS began their assault. They said: “Either be a Muslim or we will kill you”.  This led to grizzly murders and suicide attacks. And then it hit politics- President Obama was being criticized for not naming the enemy and not going after it effectively. There was the birther movement which not so subtly suggested the reason President Obama wasn’t going after ISIS was he was a Muslim, as if that would have been a bad thing. And then came the 2016 presidential campaign which targeted both Mexicans and Muslims as people who were out to get us- which I never believed for a second.

The problem is that since 9/11 we haven’t had much positive information about Muslims. Continued bad news has a way of wearing you down, drip by drip, stoking fears. So the combination of negative news, occasional terrorist attacks, and campaign rhetoric, made me suspicious of what I didn’t understand about Muslims. This became the trigger for doing a photo essay because my criteria is that the topic is important and people need to know more about it. Understanding Muslims couldn’t fit this criteria any more perfectly.

The first time I thought about approaching a mosque to do a photo essay was after candidate Donald Trump called for the shut-down of Muslims coming into the United States. This made me fearful about how Muslims would be treated. But I backed off out of a feeling of uncertainty. I was uncomfortable because the only information I was getting about Muslims was bad information, even though I knew it couldn’t all be true. But as the inauguration approached and I again feared what could happen to the Muslim community, I went on-line to find a local mosque. When I approached the Islamic Society of Chester County (ISCC; on Jan 14, 2017 about doing a photo essay, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought they might be suspicious of my motives: “What’s this guy up to?”  To my surprise and amazement, all of my perceptions and uncertainties about Muslims just melted away. If you don’t know the Muslim community and wonder what Muslims are really like, read on- they are “A Well Kept Secret”.


This photo essay is not meant to be a scholarly study of Muslims and of their religion, Islam (“Submission to God” ). That would be way outside my skill set. This is about getting to know Muslims face to face as real people. With so much in the news that seems to demonize Muslims, or at least put their motives in question in a way that inspires fear, this photo essay is about demystifying Muslims and bringing their humanity into the light.This story is based on my two month experience with the ISCC. I attended several prayer sessions, a fundraising banquet for feeding the hungry, an interfaith youth group, a family night dinner, and I conducted interviews with ISCC members and a family. My purpose is to create openness in non-Muslims to think beyond the unending bad press and to consider reaching out to the Muslim community to find out what these people are all about. I cannot say my small experience defines all Muslims everywhere- there is a wide range of Muslim cultures around the world. Surely no one would say all Jews are the same or all Christians are the same, and there is good and bad in every group. But for more than fifteen years, Muslims have been in the crosshairs with sweeping generalities like those made in the recent campaign, or direct accusations such as made by General Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor to the Trump Administration. He asserted that Islamism (the application of Islamic teaching to government) is a vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people that has to be excised! Does such language remind you of anything from the last century? I hope it does.

No amount of research could have prepared me for what I experienced when I met Muslims for the first time. I surely can’t translate that to the written word. It would be like trying to describe the taste of a fresh strawberry to readers who have never tasted one. Real understanding requires human connection and that’s what is required to really know Muslims. More contact between Muslims and non-Muslims would go a long way to reducing suspicions that have been fueled by so many events and damaging rhetoric since 9/11.

This photo essay has five parts:

  • Introduction to The Islamic Society of Chester County
  • Separating Islam and Mainstream Muslims from Terrorism and Brutality 
  • The Warmth and Generosity of Muslim People 
  • Muslim Home Life
  • Bringing Muslims and non-Muslims Together


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Japanese and Korean Fashion

Japan and Korean fashion by
                         Japan and Korean fashion by

Japanese and Korean Fashion

Some say Asian’s are more inventive and elegant in fashion styling than their Western opposite numbers. Our impressions of splendor is shaped with the aid of our subculture, our clothing desires are primarily based on our environment. Our hues and formed are based on our traditions and our upbringing.
Asian way of life is very antique. it is the Asian humans’s belief and manner of wondering that make their style so exclusive which consequences the kind of Japan and Korea fashion.

First of all, proper around one of the early centuries. most of Asian peoples apparel changed into created from silk. It commenced in China after which unfold through out the relaxation of the Asian countries.

Now, you assert that the japanese people divulge too much. well, in Japan the humans at a younger age had been taught no longer to be ashamed of their our bodies. Male and female took baths collectively to save water. this is why in Japan today they’ve what’s called tub homes.

In records, most of Asian people had garb that could cover them from head to toe. multiple years after WWII, westerners was subsequently aloud to enter Japan. What you notice these days is the publicity of western tradition mixed in with Asian subculture.

The Korean way of life is as an alternative conservative whereas the japanese culture is as an alternative open and exhibitionist…they may be a ways from the identical. Koreans tend to be in the direction of the chinese language than the japanese in tradition.

Highly chinese are very inquisitive about jap and Korean fashion from television shows and tune, so within the future more cognizance might be on eastern and Korean fashion.


Spring Style

Spring into Style

A first rate article exploring a number of the hottest purse varieties of the season.
Spring is in reality my favored time of the 12 months. each yr, around this time, the major fashion homes within the world launch their new designs to the hungry masses. This season is actually no exception, and some of the bags i have seen so far are virtually amazing! all of us have sure designers that we’ve got grown to like and consider, however a number of the brand new gamers accessible have really inspired me this yr. in case you love purses and purses the manner I do, test out a number of these new releases. Spring into Style.

I have continually been in love with Prada handbags. In fact, it became Prada that first inspired my love affair with handbags. To be flawlessly sincere, i’ve never visible a Prada bag that I didn’t love. This yr they’ve impressed me to no stop. words cannot describe the feeling i get once I see this bag. i’m speaking approximately the brand new Prada/Jute Snakeskin Hobo. For the ones you that love a chunk of bling and glamour, you’ll in reality adore the gold snakeskin accents. The tan leather trim actually enables neutralize the flashiness of the gold, and the simple beige weaved jute brings it a actual experience of balance. The Prada brand is well positioned inside the center of the the front facet, beautifully mounted on a small wood plate. honestly beautiful!

Fendi is every other one of these designers I can not be without. even as a number of their handbags are much less-than-top notch, certain others are not anything quick of extraordinary. i’ve been raving approximately the Fendi spy to all of my friends, and now I share this little mystery with you. those might be tough to locate, as girls everywhere are going mad over them. they’ve a few specific handbags available on this line, however the one I surely lust over is the Fendi Floral spy Satchel. it is oh-so-adorable! This bag has a splendidly complicated floral appliqué at the front aspect, and the leather is as white as pure pushed snow. Be still my beating coronary heart!

Isabella Fiore has created what might be the cutest springtime bag ever! Has each person available had the pleasure of holding the brand new April Woven Bag? If you haven’t, I advise you forestall what you are doing and move locate one. when you have, please wipe that drool out of your mouth. it’s gross. The handles in this bag are constructed from the finest braided brown leather-based, and the flowers painted at the side are the stuff dreams are made from. Ooo los angeles l. Spring into Style.! It has a magnetic closure, and a splendidly long lasting canvas liner. I want to buy all of them up, so that you can’t have one. glad springtime shopping, ladies!


Making The Lips With A Red Lipstick

Making The Lips With A Red Lipstick

Many girls do not feel assured approximately sporting a vivid shade of pink lipstick on their lips. maximum of them suppose that a pink lipstick is a long way too luminous and showy for them, and that it calls an excessive amount of interest on their lips. a few assume that the sort of splendid color of lipstick could cause them to look clownish and unattractive.

What best makeup artists and a few girls know is that pink lipstick could make the lips very desirable if implemented correctly. red lipstick could make the lips look plump, horny and very kissable. however on a deeper level, lips painted a vivid colour of crimson evoke an instinct in men that is hard-stressed into them already and will maximum possibly remain inside them no matter millennia of continuous evolution.

you see, in prehistoric instances, a girl’s beauty is judged via how healthful she appears. Anthropologically speaking, a female is taken into consideration lovely if her body is abundantly fleshed out, with wide hips that could deliver a fetus to term and complete breasts that may produce enough milk to feed a new child baby. A wholesome woman additionally has flushed pores and skin and reddish lips, this means that she has appropriate blood move.

via intuition, guys look for ladies who appearance healthful enough to reproduce children for them, and purple lips are just one of those signs that inform them a woman is such. The idea might also sound crude to our modern-day-day sensibilities, however this is just how it is with guys. pink lipstick applied to the lips makes a girl appealing to men.

As an awful lot as girls turn away from sporting purple lipstick because it appears showy and obvious, there is in reality a manner of making use of it to the lips in an effort to make the pink diffused enough and will no longer make it seem garish. To acquire this, there are elements which you need to recall, specifically the tone of your skin and the size of your lips.

A principle in sporting pink lipstick is that the paler your pores and skin is, the bigger your lips might seem like whilst you observe red lipstick on them. So, you have to healthy the hue of your lipstick with the tone of your skin. in case your skin is light and pale with pinkish tones, you’re better off the use of plum reds. if your skin is dark and with tones of yellow, then you must move for a red lipstick combined with brown shades.

Because red lipstick makes the lips seem bigger and plumper than what they certainly are, you have to additionally take into account the size of your lips when deciding on a color of pink lipstick. in case your lips are skinny, you are secure with the bright reds. if your lips are thick and full, the colour of crimson lipstick which you need to pick out need to have mixes of brown or blue.

Now which you understand how to pick out what sort of crimson lipstick you need to put on, how then have to you wear it? making use of crimson lipstick on the lips is just like painting – you have to prepare the canvass on which you may brush the paint. that is a principle in the application of makeup.

So, earlier than you apply red lipstick for your lips , dab on a mild coat of basis for your lips, and then brush on a chunk of face powder on pinnacle of the muse. this may supply your lipstick a polished appearance whilst you are completed with it. the inspiration and the powder will also maintain the lipstick and preserve it from running off.

whilst you are accomplished with the foundation and the face powder, gently trace the outline of your lips with a pointy lip liner. ensure that the lip liner suits the shade of your lipstick. The lip liner will maintain the lipstick from bleeding out of the lips.

After this, positioned your crimson lipstick on with the usage of a lip brush. A lip brush will make sure that you have just the right amount of lipstick to your lips. paintings your way from the center of your lips to the corners. and then, kiss a chunk of tissue to take away the excess lipstick after which finish off by means of dabbing a small quantity of face powder to your lips.

Red lipstick makes the face, not simply the lips, very appealing. So, you have to ensure that your make-up is balanced on every occasion you’ve got purple lipstick on. if you have purple lipstick for your lips, simply apply a light color of eye shadow on your eyes to preserve the focus of your make-up on your lips. in case your eye shadow isn’t always mild sufficient, you’ll emerge as looking like a clown together with your makeup. higher but, get rid of the attention shadow absolutely and simply dab on mascara for a few diffused drama.

You do not have to be afraid to put on a vibrant coloration of purple lipstick to your lips. just observe it efficaciously and make certain that you stability your makeup while you paint your lips crimson.


Makeup Brushes Tips

Makeup Brushes Tips

The object “makeup Brushes” offers you an overview about makeup brushes, which you want to make you beautiful. After studying this article, you’ll be able to apprehend the want of make-up brushes. you may additionally able to perceive your want for the makeup brushes, the type of makeup brushes and taking take care of the makeup brushes.
You need gear to carry out mission, be it domestic, office or some other vicinity. when going to places, you do a little make up, but how you try this or you doing your own or going to parlor. irrespective of in case you are going to parlor, a while you need to do it your personal, even now and again. In such state of affairs you want positive tools to apply your makeup known as make-up Brushes. yes, makeup Brushes!!

You may buy your makeup Brushes from your nearby cosmetics store. those brushes make your project less complicated and come up with a brand new look. before buying makeup Brushes do a research on what you want and in which you may get, mainly the store where you may get fee for money. Make brushes are available within the marketplace in distinct variety, and price levels. you can buy a group of these to apply makeup in specific parts of you body e.g. lips, eyebrows, nails, and many others.

What are advantages of make-up Brushes?

Human beings think that, they don’t want make-up Brushes till and unless palms do no longer stop doing the undertaking and that too so gently. no question you like your finger however use them to hold matters. If you will supply a touch attention, then you may locate which you nearly use them to maintain things like protecting spoon or forks to consume food, conserving pen to do writing, holding toothbrush to brush up enamel, and so on, then why now not you preserve a make-up Brush, whilst doing makeup. those are of top notch help to you.
the usage of make-up Brush has several advantages:
* The brushes are less complicated to govern than your finger and so the result is a lot much less messy.
* Brushes will let you making use of blush on one cheek and then the alternative with an identical impact.
* Brushes make final impact herbal and excellent. Your face will glow more and each shade should come blended into the next.
* Your hands can contaminate your cosmetics, however your brushes do now not.

Type of Brushes:

There are some of make-up brushes to be had in the cosmetic stores starting from cause to length to cost. select in line with your want. you may buy the subsequent range of make-up Brushes:
* power Brushes- Luxuriously designed oversize brushes to dirt unfastened or pressed powder throughout the face.
* Blush Brushes- these brushes offers person top notch control.
* Sponge Brushes- Sponge of this brush allows in mixing of the cosmetics very well.
* Eye Brushes- your eyes are lovely and in any case vital to you. you could buy more than a few eye brushes like Eye Shadow Brushes, Eye Liner Brushes, Eyebrow Brushes, and so forth to keep doing your eyes designing.
* Lip Brushes- those brushes offers your lips the proper blending of colour and cosmetics.
there are many more brushes are to be had for doing make-up and make-up of different type. perceive your requirement and got them. really, those will make you prettier.

How to buy make up Brushes??

Once you become aware of your want, go to a very good save and determine whether or not to buy in sets or as apiece. generally, stores promote in both approaches apiece in addition to set. examine the prices and it’s far obvious that you’ll decide on shopping for along with saving. buy these consistent with your finances. select the store that sells both cosmetics in addition to brushes. it’s miles vital to test for excellent first-class makeup brushes. despite the fact that these can be a chunk pricey however choose to take cost for your money. properly fine brushes will come up with extra manage, precise result or even will ultimate lengthy.
cope with your brushes
once you bought the brushes of your want and choice, you need to take care of those. How do you try this??
* always keep your brushes in mesh brush bag.
* Don’t blow in your brushes. in case you want to reduce a number of the powder or cosmetics at the same time as the use of gently shake them.
* clean the brushes often.
* After cleaning, dry them naturally. Do now not use hair dryer and so on, otherwise bristle will soften.

A way to clean make-up brushes?

To easy your make-up brushes, please follow the followings cleaning rules.
* Run heat water over the bristles of the comb. Take care that base of the brush do no longer get moist, mainly if is made of wood.
* Do continue rinsing till it come to be clean and clean.
* Squeeze the extra water however very lightly.
* Reshape it delicately.
* permit it dry in air for 24 hour.