Who knew that Virginia could offer such a fairy-tale wedding? The immaculate property, Dover Hall, is a dream come true for any East Coast couple longing for a wedding with the aim of the English countryside. But, the ease of traveling to your own garden.

The bride, Chloe, and the groom, Andrew, knew this was the place when they rejected the reader. To make their historic place shine, the couple asked the florist Morgan Event and Floral Design to fill the room with green and white flowers, creating the most romantic and luxurious scene.

However, we were already sold before we saw the photos. “The bride is a total girl,but also a decorated military. She received the action Operations Badge and the Army Medal of Honor for her service in Afghanistan, as well as a purple heart, which makes her one of the few women to receive this award, ” said Kristen from C + Pretty. We are excited to see the two Army veterans get the marriage they so much deserve!

Our love story

Our first date was a walk at the National Mall in Washington, DC, which took much longer than expected almost six years ago.

On his birthday, Andrew asked me if I wanted to start the morning with a walk. He recreated this first date, even stopped at the same local bookstore and remembered. Then, when we reached the reflection pool, he knelt down and began to speak. Many viewers were also thrilled to be part of the moment. So, not only Andrew proposed, but we received advice from married couples, instructions from spontaneous photographers and cheers from surprised tourists. It was a chaotic outpouring of human connection and joy, which made it all the more special. And then I said yes.


We chose our place as soon as we rejected the reader. It was sunset when we arrived and the lights were just twinkling, and we were both amazed. After visiting the estate, we both knew that we wanted to bring our family and friends here to share the magic. Dover Hall has prepared the ground for our colors of burgundy and fresh green.


I knew when I was looking for my dress that I wanted it to match the great aesthetics of the place. I loved how the drama and the size of the dress were in the details. The floral appliques and textured silk were great. I never wanted to take it away.

I convinced Andrew to get a custom tuxedo and we spent some time choosing the ivory Paisley insert and the black fabric together. It was a special moment in the planning of the wedding, as it is rare that he takes the time to do something for himself.


The string quartet created the perfect atmosphere when the guests arrived on this hot summer day. I remember hearing it when I was setting my last keys before descending and feeling a calm.

We both served as bomb technicians in the army, and we were lucky enough to have a team leader there to get our robot ring bearer, the PACBOT, up and running. It was a fun surprise for our guests and a nod to our favorite work we had.


We spent a lot of time interviewing photographers and videographers. That was the most important decision for us. We felt like after it was all over, that was the only thing we would have to look back on the day. And for us, it would probably be the only day where we would have all our friends and family together in one place.

Favorite moments

Our favorite moment was recommended by our DJ. At the end of the night, when all the guests were at the front to prepare for the big outing, the DJ dimmed the lights and played a special song just for us. We were able to have a “dance in the moonlight ” in the great hall and share one last dance together.

The furnishings & Details

We loved the bright green and white flower arrangements. They felt fresh and timeless. We did not want to move away from the place, but to improve it.

The signs were all handwritten by Andrew’s mother. We had an awesome artist for menus to add a personal touch. And Andrew and I made the place cards with greenery of our garden and wax seals by hand.

Advice For other couples

When the day has come, enjoy it. It will go quickly, do not spend it worrying about small details or family dramas. Have a nice time.

Also work with a planner!

Splurge on photography and videographers when budgeting and save on small details such as place cards or gifts.


We spent two weeks traveling through Alaska for our honeymoon. It was certainly a non-traditional option, but we had incredible experiences. From hiking on a glacier to watching the bears, there are so many adventure possibilities. There was only one near-pass away experience during a whitewater rafting trip, but we learned that Andrew can swim very well under duress. Overall, it was incredible. We strongly recommend that you take a moment for both of you after all this.

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