The Bajaj F250 and N250 pulsars are the largest capacity pulsars to date and Bajaj has preserved the authentic fabric that has made bicycles like the 220F such icons.

For this reason, Bajaj will not use a high-speed KTM powertrain but will go back to basics and develop only one. And here is the result, two BRAND NEW motorcycles-the Pulsar F250 and the N250. The first is a worthy replacement for the Pulsar 220F, while the naked pushes the ns200 game. This makes it the pulsar with the largest capacity to date! More importantly, this new platform will be the basis for the new PULSAR line, which is in preparation.

Pulsar F250: Design

No price to guess that the ‘F’ stands for fairing and the F250, like the 220F, gets half a front fairing. There is also a single LED headlight bulb, LED daytime running lights and a reasonably high windshield. As with most disguised motorcycles, the mirrors are mounted on the fairing and are foldable. I really like the way the fairing fits perfectly into the fuel tank and the beautiful folds and slots on the plate that break the monotony. Also, the quality of the color and the fit and finish are better than the older pulsars.

Elegant elements such as floating panels – front fenders, trim, and abdominal wall-give the design a certain lightness. In addition, parts such as the fairing and the abdominal wall are now made of lightweight glass-filled nylon instead of conventional fiberglass to reduce weight and control the NVH.

The design narrows to the rear end, which gives it a compact position. There is some resemblance to the Bajaj Donimar track here, including a split taillight. The chunky design of the two-hole exhaust may have divided opinions, but it has a pleasant and sporty bass note. The F250 manages to have a new-age look while successfully maintaining the authentic Pulsar style. Overall, the bike is much more proportioned and compact than its predecessor, which is a good thing.

Pulsar N250: Design

At a glance, the N250 is reminiscent of the NS200. It is essentially the same bike as the F250, but without fairing. With a weight of 162 kg, the street wrestler is 2 kg lighter than the disguised brother and a good 18 kg less than the Dominar 250. However, the new pulsars are among the heaviest in the segment.

The N’s biggest point of discussion is its robot-like face, which the LED headlights and eye-like daytime running lights create. Although it looks like the current Yamaha FZ 25. The fuel tank is common with his brother, but gets sharper extensions and a silver plastic plate imitates the perimeter frame. Both will remind you of the NS200. There is a plastic coating on the top of the front fork to reduce the visible chrome, this is not my favorite element. Perhaps Bajaj should have used smoother bolts on the T-section of the fork instead of the current bulky one. The N250 looks light and ready to confront the city, and a minimum of plastic parts means less parking scars. The rest of the motorcycle is identical to the F250.

Pulsar 250: features

Bajaj has kept things simple on the Pulsar 250, so don’t expect things like cell phone connectivity, for now. Both versions provide a list of identical functions, which includes an intelligent display of the semi-digital instrument. It looks good and provides information such as position indication of the ratio, real-time energy efficiency, autonomy, speed and time. In addition, the analog tachometer is a good touch.Pulsar has introduced the trend of backlit switches to the segment and it has been maintained. Since it has an automatic starter, you will not get a kick. In addition, there is a USB port near the handlebar to change the phone on the go.

Pulsar-250 : sitting position

Bajaj calls the 250 the “friendliest pulsars to date”. Especially because of the well-balanced rider geometry. After repositioning the battery and changing the shape of the air box, they managed to lower the saddle to about 795 mm, which makes it 5 mm lower than the P220 and 12 mm lower than the NS200. Walk one leg over it and you immediately have the feeling of sitting in the motorcycle, rather on it like older pulsars. And the driving position is relaxed and not too aggressive.

The N gets a one-piece handlebar, unlike the clips of the disguised version, which makes the riding position a little more vertical than the F. Personally, the disguised version seemed to me more comfortable, since it provides better wind protection even at higher speeds. The knees fit well into the shovels of the tank, and the feet comfortably reach the ground, which makes it a friendly bike to live with. The foot pegs are not too tight on the back, so it will appeal to a wider audience, but it scratched on the test track.

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