Of course, we have all dreamed of cave houses with sapphire roofs and private pools overlooking the Aegean Sea. But Greece is so much more than that, Have you ever thought about Crete?

I am a romantic soul who got engaged in the Cyclades. I said “Yes!”in Milos, then we partied in Santorini. So I understand the appeal of getting married and spending a honeymoon in the most famous Greek islands. However, after spending five weeks of our honeymoon in Crete, the largest of the many beautiful islands in Greece, I can tell you that Cretan beaches and rugged landscapes have a lot to offer.

Take, for example, this real romantic wedding. Twenty-two guests gather on a secluded private beach-something that is difficult to find on the bustling city of Santorini. The landscape is wild and fertile. Dressed in warm tones, the guests and the groom in bright colors, flocks of sheep crossing empty winding streets, Olive branches sweeping the dining table … this is the authentic Cretan happiness.

For those looking for a wilder Greek experience, with plenty of space to find their own vineyard or private Villa, Crete attracts. And don’t worry, if you’re getting married in Crete, Chantal and Bernd’s honeymoon in Santorini is just a stone’s throw away.

Our Love Story

We already knew each other through chance meetings, the good acquaintance began during our school years.

Soon after, we started dating. The initial Phase came from Channy. After several meetings, the first peck took place, and then Channy wanted to establish a strong relationship. After a little thought…it became serious. We have been inseparable since February 4, 2012.

After three years of a long-distance relationship, we moved into our first communal apartment. We discovered the journey for us. After a while, we became more and more United. So Bernd did not hesitate and asked the big question at sunset on the beach in Crete Last autumn 2020.

Photography And Videography

Since Channy takes pictures herself, we knew exactly what we were attaching. It was important for us to capture this special day as a story in pictures so that we could relive the next day. In our quest, we came across the perfect photographer duo, Manos and Georgia. We liked that they captured the perfect Moment as it really is. We didn’t want photos posted, but an account of the day. Attention to detail was the highlight of our decision. We wanted a smooth and simple process. During the preliminary interview, it quickly became clear that the chemistry was correct. On this day, Manos and Georgia were discreet and unobtrusive, as if they were guests, but helped us if necessary. The photos of Manos and Georgia are individual, so each one bears the signature of the Baraut couple. Thanks to Manos and Georgia, we couldn’t have imagined a better duo of photographers.

What could be better than reliving your special day in all its facets? Christos came into the game. Christos immediately surprised us with his videos. His Videos are modern and unique. We wanted an emotional and detailed video. Christos understands his profession and reflects in his videos the individual character of the newlyweds. Thanks to our video, we were able to see scenes that we could not see with excitement on the wedding day. Our Expectations have been exceeded.


For the ceremony, we had a beautiful beach with sand underfoot and pine trees that brought all our desires together. We chose the motto “all in white” and our 22 guests harmonized perfectly in this setting.

After the ceremony and champagne reception, the transfer brought our guests to the dinner and party venue and we enjoyed our beach wedding session with photographer Manos and Georgia and videographer Christos Tzanidakis and his partner.

We are so happy with the beauty of the place. I think all our guests were overwhelmed when they arrived. The traditional stone house is located in the middle of the mountains with goats and sheep as the only neighbors. You have a view of the mountains and the Mediterranean trees around you. It had all the Cretan vibes we wanted. With the ceremony on the beach with the sea in the background and the dinner overlooking the mountains, it was the perfect mix for us.

Favorite moments

The most memorable part of the day was our ceremony. We let our emotions run wild and every second was just an intense feeling. Saying our wishes in such a special atmosphere in front of all your favorite people is something very special. Our singer and the saxophonist got goosebumps during the ceremony. We laughed, we cried — it was just perfect.

Our celebration with colors on canvas is now hanging in our living room and reminds us of those beautiful moments.

The Escape Car & Fireworks

But we should not forget about the gifts of our guests, which were unforgettable highlights: a white convertible car drove Channy to the ceremony. After filming, the convertible took us to our location. We will never forget the crossing of the mountains. And as if that wasn’t enough, the fireworks of the night were made for dreaming.


For the decoration, we wanted the natural Cretan beauty with Olive branches to be the main event, with a minimum of eucalyptus parts and colorful flowers as highlights. The decoration was incorporated into the Ceremonial Arch and small bouquets of flowers adorned the traditional wooden chairs to make the ceremony coherent. The table for dinner took over the decoration, supplemented with lanterns, under the light garland created exactly the mood that we had imagined.

For an exceptional highlight and a splash of color, our retro bar in turquoise is provided.

Tips for other couples

Plan your wedding day the way you imagine your dream day and not the way others imagine it or as expected. When making difficult decisions, listen to your gut.

On the wedding day, enjoy every second and let yourself down. On this day you feel only happiness. If something goes wrong or does not go according to plan, do not worry about the little things.


For our honeymoon, we chose Santorini and Mykonos. Santorini is truly a unique island that does not exist anywhere else. We have often heard about the breathtaking sunset over Santorini and it lives up to its reputation. Mykonos has its own atmosphere. He provided everything we wanted for the honeymoon.

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